In order to better understand my opinions and perhaps why I have them, it helps to know a little bit about me and my background.

I am a small business owner and I have been for twenty three years. I carry a sense of responsibility not only for my family but for those who I work with, and their families. In my business, survival requires successfully handling our client’s needs, hard work is not enough, we must win. This carries that sense of responsibility to our clients and potential future clients as well.   Protecting the rights of the people today, helps preserve those rights for the people of tomorrow.

As a believer in the Constitution and the importance of ALL individual rights, I fight for all NOT some of these rights. I am grateful for the freedom we have in this country and in my opinion all of these freedoms are worth fighting to protect.   As important as the 2nd Amendment may be to some, the 1st through the 10th are ALL EQUALLY important.